Tuesday, October 12, 2010




"I kick ass for the Lord!"

Before Rings were lorded, before Kong was kinged, before lovely bones danced, there was Peter Jackson and this tour de force of gore, horror, and comedy that put his name not only on the map. but splattered all over it.

If you haven't seen Dead-Alive then you truly have not lived. The story is your basic Sumatran Rat-Monkey bites overbearing mother who then gets zombified while her loving son courts a lovely Spanish lady that he has to toss aside to care for his zombie mother and those turned by her bite until one day, all hell breaks loose as a house party goes awry and it's wall to wall zombies!

The goriest film ever made? Maybe. Funny as hell? Oh, yeah. Wild and ambitious? You bet! It's Evil Dead 2 on steroids and when the hero has to literally mow down the zombies at the end, you know you've just watched a true classic.

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