Thursday, October 28, 2010

28: Blaxploitation pt. 4: Scream!


Blacula is back, only this time, his opponent is the very fine Foxy Brown!

Spurned by his voodoo group, a man decides to resurrect Blacula to seek his revenge! And before you know it, eyebrows are growing, sideburns are popping and curving, and blood is in the air. The only thing is, Blacula didn't count on was such a formidable opponent as Foxy Brown herself, Pam Grier.

This sequel has always been my favorite of the two movies. It just gets into the whole Blacula deals with the modern times thing more than the first one. Hell, he even fights two pimps and kicks their asses after warning them away! Featuring more comedy, more horror, and lots of Afros, you can't go wrong with this thrilling throwback to yesterday. Let the fat ties rock!

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