Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Now here is my nomination for the feel-good apocalyptic comedy of the year. Thrill to four people, caught in the middle of a pandemic killing folks left and right, on the road to a beach the two brothers in the group remember fondly from their childhood! Chill to the harrowing decisions the group have to make about picking up other survivors and what to do with those they run into who are infected, even amongst themselves! Quiver as they dance between life and death, infection and cleanliness, and morality and immorality! Laugh as, with each passing second, the tension gets ratcheted-up until you simply can't take it anymore!

Or, no. Actually, this is a pretty grim pic, with all the stuff I wrote above happening, but in a serious way. It's good. Sure, sometimes the characters do stupid stuff that grate on your nerves, but the suspense is worth it. The film doesn't cover any real new ground, but is so well done and acted that it doesn't matter. Here is a prime example of having good characters carry the show for you. It doesn't need to be flashy or distracting; you care about the people and that carries you through the whole thing.

Get it? Carries you?

Ha! Anyhow, well worth a look-see!

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