Friday, October 22, 2010


The crew of the ship Quest is sent to look for survivors of a fellow ship on the planet Morganthus. What they discover is far worse than any alien lifeform out to kill them. What they discover is the key to fear itself...

This movie stars a whole slew of people from Sid Haig to Joanie from Happy Days to Robert Englund pre-Freddie. It also has some imaginative direction and awesome set designs. Surely meant as another in a long line of Alien rip-offs, this film turns out to have a soul and mind of its own. More a remake of Forbidden Planet than Alien, it is still as austere and cold as Ridley Scott's film. This film delivers the gore and the thrills any fan of the genre could want.

And, oh yeah, that maggot rape scene? Still one of the strangest things ever put on film.

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