Saturday, October 23, 2010

23: they have claws and tentacles...


Silver City Mines closed in 1912 due to a collapse where several miners were trapped. They did not make it out. Was it because of the cave-in, or because of...The Boogens!?!?!

Cut to modern day (in 1981) where a new mining outfit is coming to open the old mines and see what they got left in 'em. When they open a couple of the collapsed sections, they unleash The Boogens, small creatures who look a bit like turtles with lots of teeth, big black eyes, and yes, tentacles.

And that's pretty much the plot. Most of the movie is spent filling out the characters (only 2 people get killed in the first hour) and since they're interesting, I didn't mind one bit. In fact, this was kind of an old-fashioned horror film, with the point of view attack shots and the methodical pacing. It lets things build on their own so that the last half hour is pretty much people vs. The Boogens, and they don't air out their grievances in a court of law! Some good acting, a bit of the old red stuff, and a great dog make this well worth watching. Just don't expect it to be an action-packed thriller. It takes its time, as only a Boogens can...

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