Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Hammer Saturday


Of all the classic movie monsters, the mummy has always been, by far, my least favorite. They lumber, they're boring, and they're easily evaded. I do like the Karloff Mummy film by Universal, but again, it's nothing when put up against the Monster of Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolf Man.

Along came Hammer, remaking those classic creatures, and they actually made a mummy film I like. Christopher Lee plays the title character and, like his Dracula before this, has mastered the role. In fact, Lee is my favorite portrayer of all the classic monsters, except for Frankenstein's. That honor still belongs to Karloff.

As usual with these films, there's a cursed tomb and a resurrected mummy used to mete out vengeance. In the way of this creature is the mighty Peter Cushing, playing an archaeologist with a limp, and the undead desires of the mummy itself. Lee's mummy is powerful and strong, moving quick, able to subjugate its victims quickly and savagely.

While I don't think will play well at all to a modern audience (the middle of the film is quite slow) I do think it's worth your time, if you're into Hammer or any of the actors involved.

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