Friday, October 29, 2010

29, something fishy going on...



Wow! Awesome flick!

There's some trouble brewing in the waters just off Noyo, California. Trouble as in giant man-fish who are coming up out of the waters to kill the men and rape the women. These Humanoids were an outgrowth of some (typical) scientific meddling by some researchers wishing to speed up the growth of the local salmon population. Now that they've been unleashed, can anything stop them?

The last of my Roger Corman Friday Features, this is one of his best. The creatures look cool, the attacks are nice, lots of blood and gore, and a good script and actors all combine to make this movie a treat. This is exploitation horror at its finest, with lots of ripped bodies and ripped-off shirts! And watching it on Blu Ray, just wow. Good stuff. And keep your eye out for that twisted finale. The last twenty minutes is non-stop greatness!

As a side note, a young Rob Bottin did the creature designs and costumes. He would later go on to make history with his work on The Howling and The Thing. You can see here where he learned his chops.

Go out and get this. Now.

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