Sunday, October 24, 2010

24 pt. 2: snap!


So, a nurse gets a new job working a night shift at a closing children's hospital in England. This woman gets close to the terminally ill children and soon discovers there's some dark goings-on in the closed-off second floor of the building. Turns out, something named Charlotte the "mechanical girl" is terrorizing the kids and snapping their bones as they are due to be transferred to the new hospital. Can the nurse discover the shocking secret of Charlotte before the worst happens?

Listen, I liked this movie. I liked it a lot. It had a terrific cast and great story and really creepy villain, but part of me was just fed up. I'm tired of these kinds of ghost stories, with the mystery to be solved and the really dramatic tension that comes along with it. I don't really know how to define what I mean except to say there's been a lot of these kinds of movies and, while they're all generally well done, they are getting a bit cliched.

Then I looked at the release date. Oh.

This film has finally come to DVD in the U.S. after being out for five years already around the world. And yes, it has had many imitators since it was initially released, so what seemed so cliche to me on first view turns out to be well-played. This film is in the first cycle of these kinds of movies, not in the latter. So bravo to it!

This is a heartfelt, decent movie with some chills and thrills (the finale is pretty damned good) and deserves a viewing by anyone who likes these types of movies. Just do yourself a favor and don't judge it like I did. Realize it was just a bit ahead of the pack.

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