Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blaxploitation Thursday! pt. 2



Diana "Sugar" Hill's boyfriend gets murdered by a bunch of white thugs who fancy themselves a southern mafia. They the boyfriend's nightclub and when he refuses, they beat him to death. Sugar, filled with rage and lust for revenge, turns to Mama Maitresse (Momma from The Jeffersons TV show!), a local voodoo queen. She gets Sugar in touch with the spirit of Baron Samedi, lord of the dead. Before you know it, dead slaves rise from the dead to aide Sugar in her quest for vengeance.

Another great Blaxploitation horror film, with lots of tall afros, snappy dialogue, fat ties, and crazy 70's fashion. It's also got a fun script. There's a great moment where Sugar is about to feed one of the white criminals to a trough of pigs. "They haven't had any garbage to eat in a week," she says. The zombies toss the poor loser into the pen and as he's screaming for his life, Sugar says, "Hope they like white trash." Now, that's class!

A good flick, well worth renting and watching, especially if you have a hankering for some cool 70's action!

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