Sunday, October 24, 2010

24: I'm Stuffed!


A group of yokels in a small town decide they don't like the mentally challenged Bubba and decide they should get rid of him, once and for all, before he does something to harm the kids he hangs out with. Well, of course, one of the kids--a little girl who loves to play with Bubba--gets attacked by a dog. Bubba saves her and carries her to her mother. Unfortunately for Bubba, he's plenty freaked out and can't explain what's happened. Oh, and he's covered in her blood. Before you know it, the four yokels are on the hunt. They find Bubba hiding in plain sight behind his Momma's house disguised as a scarecrow. They shoot him dead, planting a pitchfork on his body and claiming he attacked them first. They go free and wouldn't you guess it? Somebody has been putting scarecrows in the yards of the four murderers and yes, they begin to die in mysterious ways. Is it the impassioned district attorney? Or Bubba's Momma, who promised an eye for an eye? Or the little girl who Bubba saved? Or, could Bubba have risen from the grave to seek his own vengeance?

This was a made for TV movie and it won't blow your socks off with originality or gore or even scares, really. It does, however, get kinda spooky at times and is never dull. The acting is great and so is the story, so it's a fun film. Well worth seeing if you're babysitting some kids and want to scare them!

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