Friday, October 8, 2010

eight is great!

Corman Fridays! Pt. 1


It's been called the "best goddamn rip-off of Alien" ever made and I wouldn't argue too much with that assessment. It's Alien, alright, with lots of nudity and blood and gore and some really corny dialogue. Which also means it's a whole bunch of fun.

Intergalactic mercenary Colby gets sent to a remote, desolate planet where scientists are working on solving a galaxy-wide food crisis. In their attempts to end said crisis, they create a mutation made of human cells and some other "scientific" gobblety-gook. Of course, what grows is deadly and hunts the humans down to create a little solving of its own food crisis. Can the merc and sexy scientists (the women drop their clothes at every available opportunity) kill the mutation and live to see another day?

What do you think?

The creature is a total knock-off of the Alien and the basic story is the same. But this film, like stated above, does what all best exploitation rip-offs do when they are clicking: blood, tits, and more blood.

Now, that's the way you make a movie!

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