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Lucky 13 Questions...The Final Chapter????

Who can tell? Who can read the future? This will, however, be the last 13 Lucky Questions for the time being. And boy, do we go out in style! Like Jason getting carved up at the end of Friday the 13th Pt. 4, we bring the goods with this one! Check it out: the lovely, the brave, the talented, Kim Curley. Enjoy the interview and then take your ass out and get some of the stuff she's got work in. You won't regret it!

Let’s do this!

1. If there was only one movie you could watch for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
“Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca” starring Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine and Judith Anderson. The movie is based on Daphne Du Marier’s book by the same name. Filmed in 1940, this romantic thriller takes you through the lives of widower Max de Winter (Olivier) and his young bride (Fontaine). Along the lines of a sinister Cinderella story, the new Mrs. De Winter can’t help but feel the ghostly influence of the deceased Rebecca still lingering. Although you never see Rebecca, the character’s in the story make you believe she actually existed! Circumstances surrounding the death of Rebecca resurface, and puts the newlyweds ‘…happily ever after,’ marriage in jeopardy. Does the spectral Rebecca still rule over the lives of those she left behind at Manderley? This was Hitchcock’s first American movie and I’m blown away by it every time I watch it, which is at least a dozen times a year. I like stories that are dark, with unexpected twists and turns. PS-Spoiler alert: To make the character Rebecca more real to the audience, Fontaine’s character is never given a first name! Love it!

2. Who is your favorite literary character and why?
I fell in love with Joanna Archer in Vicki Pettersson’s “Sign of the Zodiac” series. Not only is the main character a strong female lead, but the way the author took the character and put her through the wringer is incredible! I like escapism in books. I want to be taken somewhere outside the norm, and Vicki Pettersson takes you there with Joanna. The action scenes are impressive, detailed, and in-your-face. Ms. Pettersson steps outside the writing “comfort zone,” constantly putting Joanna in life-or-death situation’s that most of us would probably run away from. Although the character is super-human, Joanna Archer makes a lot of human decisions which usually plunges her deeper into a world of chaos she’s trying to protect.

3. Favorite book and author?
I poured through all of my books, and lists of favorites and I just can NOT give you an answer on favorite book. I like all books, good and bad. There are too many stories out there for me to pinpoint to one favorite book. Sorry. Favorite author: Tie between Stephen King and J.K. Rowling. Although neither can be compared to the other, both are strong writers. In my opinion, both succeed on all aspects of writing: capturing the audience’s attention and holding it!

4. What is the one implement you could not part with in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
A really, really sharp ax or hatchet. And, a sharpening stone.

5. If you had to eat your big toe or your pinkie finger, which one would go? Take this seriously; your life depends on it.
Since I need my big toe for balance, pinkie finger would go without batting an eyelash!

6. Favorite album and artist?
I’ll always be a KISS girl at heart (up to 1984). However, my favorite album and artist would have to be Queensryche and their “Operation: Mindcrime” album. I never thought I’d like a concept album, but this one still holds messages that apply to our world today. Just amazing.

7. Who could clip their toenails in your presence and you not be offended?
In the words of King Julien, ‘Not the feet, Mort. What have I told you about the feet?’ Sorry, feet are the appendages that help you wade through the daily crap. Therefore, feet disgust me. Ugh!

8. Female fiction writers tend to have their work ghettoized as being for fellow females only while fiction written by men does not. This applies to other forms of entertainment as well. For instance, I went to see the movie Bridesmaids and was lambasted by male friends for it being a “Chick Flick.” And actually, it was universally damned funny. When they saw it, they ate their words. Why, besides sexism, do you think this happens?
In 2005-2006, there was a little underrated television show called, “Commander in Chief,” starring Geena Davis. Ms. Davis’ character becomes President of the United States after the death of the acting President. My daughter watched the show faithfully, while I ignored it. When Hilary Clinton stepped down from her race as President in 2008, my daughter stated, ‘Yep, just like the cancellation of Geena Davis’ show.’ I asked her what she meant by her statement. She replied, ‘the show failed for the same reason Hilary Clinton failed: American’s are not ready for a female President.’ She was right. Although women have made great strides to overcome adversities tied to our gender, until every single person on the planet is comfortable and accepting that women can do most things men can do, sexism will be the main influence. Besides, if we get rid of titles, i.e. “Chick Flicks,” you’d have to get rid of titles like, “Action Flicks,” “Guy Movies,” “Family Movies,” “Comedies,” “Western’s,” etc. Our society has to label everything-helps them to categorize and compartmentalize.

9. What is your favorite sport?
Swimming. You can feel the genuine competition between participants in this sport.

10. Is there a story of yours that has been published that you’ve looked back on and said, “Oh, God, I wish it wasn’t?”
No, I believe we learn from our early endeavors and just forge on. I don’t have time to look back and worry about what I’ve written.

11. What story are you most proud of that you’ve written and why?
I’m proud of a WIP children’s fiction novel. It stems from a story I made up for my daughter nearly twenty years ago. The main theme is one that’s been around forever: despite diversities, tear down those barriers and help others in need.

12. Eggs. Love them or hate them?
Egg whites only, please.

13. Promote the shit out of yourself. What do you have coming up and what have you finished?

A sci-fi/apocalypse short story, “Faith,” that is being included in the Wicked East Press, “Earth’s End Anthology,” coming out January 2012. Nonfiction submission sent to Hidden Thoughts Press about my daily battle with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Working on above mentioned kid’s fiction novel this year. Pouring over my many three-ringed binders for story inspirations. Hopefully get more author interviews in on my blog (looks around for volunteers!).

You can find Kim at her blog and over on Facebook

And there you go! How can you not love a lady who speaks so highly of KISS and Queensryche? Plus, she's a hell of a writer. Go forth and get her stuff and ye shall be fulfilled in life!

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