Friday, December 30, 2016

I limited myself to writing about five albums because I didn't want to spend all my time filling out a top ten and do it as thoroughly as I thought I needed.  However, I did have some records that came close to making that Top Five, and I decided to share them with you, including a few thoughts on each.

So here is your Other Five, in alphabetical order:


Pure death metal goodness, this one almost, almost made it into the Top Five.  I really struggled between this and the Darkthrone.  This album rages from beginning to end.  Get on it.


Desolate, distant, soul-scraping horror, with haunting riffs and drums and vocals that just kind of own you once the album starts, this is damned good stuff.  Do not miss out.

(Could not find any links, so you're on your own, but the search is worth it)

Electric Citizen
Higher Time

Pure riff n' roll, bringing things back to the Sabbath, adding plenty of psych, these guys are a dirty secret the rest of the world needs to know about.  Back to the essence of what metal and hard rock are all about.


Some might find this controversial, but I think this is their best record.  It's varied, heavy, but with just enough light to give it some sparkle.  But don't be fooled, this is dark stuff, and like I said, heavy.

Brotherhood of the Snake

Their best album?  Maybe.  It's right up there, and certainly the best thrash album of the year (sorry, Metalli-fans).  Dense, heavy, that unbelievable rhythm section and the guitars and the vocals...Damnit, just go listen and enjoy!

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