Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Sign of the Morning Coming...

Today, Ronnie James Dio died. Many are blogging about it and are saying words more poignant and meaningful than I ever will. I just wanted to mark his passing, to note he was more than just a mere singer in a heavy metal band. He was a good man. He did a lot of work for charities, most famously for the Hear N' Aid project in the eighties. He brought a lot of good will and smiles to millions of people, and somebody like that will always be missed. I love his music, with Rainbow, Sabbath, and his solo years. He was a tremendously talented individual with a quick wit and a smile for anyone.

You will be missed, Dio.

I read these lyrics from his song, Rainbow in the Dark, and they seem like the best way to sum it all up:

"I cry for magic - I feel it dancing in the light
But it was cold - I lost my hold
To the shadows of the night

"There's no sign of the morning coming
You've been left on your own
Like a Rainbow in the Dark"

We've all been left alone, now, in a world a little more dreary with Dio's passing.

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  1. Well put.

    I feel in love with this man's music instantly. In high school, Heaven and Hell was a "Holy Grail" of sorts to my whole group of friends. It was featured in heavy rotation in Kyle Maher's Geo Metro as we'd cruse the streets of Petaluma accomplishing little more than listening to fine music and expending gas, but that was all we needed.