Saturday, April 17, 2010


My love for the TV show Supernatural is pretty well known to the 3 people I speak to on a daily basis, but seeing as how they just reached the 100th episode pinnacle, I thought I'd reach out and share a little of that love to whoever reads this.

I first watched Supernatural when it premiered, back on the old WB. I was leery about it, given the previews spotlighted the "hot" actors in the lead. I figured it would be another in a long line of watered-down, pretty-boy/pretty-girl/pretty-vacuous shows that the WB was famous for. But, since it was supposedly horror, I thought I'd give it a try. Imagine my surprise, then, when it was not only decent, but damned good. And, to my even bigger surprise, it featured classic rock, not the emo-crap the WB is famous for. The show, at its most basic level, is about a pair of brothers who hunt down evil supernatural entities and put them away for good. But things, like life, get much more complicated.

So I watched, and as the first season progressed, my affection for the show did, too. And then season 2, and then 3, and on and on until it became one of my favorite shows, even making it to my second highest spot on my DVR priorities list (Lost is #1). And now, in this season, season 5, supposedly the last, the show has reached heights I never imagined possible. I mean, the apocalypse, actually done right? Demons that are bastards and angels that are even worse? God deserting his creation? No hope for humanity, much less the brothers? And then this: when all hope was lost, when one brother was about to give up and give in and damn most of the planet to a fiery hell, he winked. And that smart-assed flicking of the middle finger to authority returned (a big theme in the show, so it quite naturally appeals to me), and a grin crept over my face as I pumped my fist in the air.

Good times!

So, if you get a chance, check it out. You don't need to start at the beginning, but it would be best if you did. You can get them on DVD or they're re-run on TNT every day of the week. If you like horror and rock and roll and sticking your tongue out at the Man, then you'll like it, pretty-boy actors or not.

Oh, and it's coming back for a Season 6, so the fun never ends!

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